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Memories Preserved. Love Captured.

Memories That Last Forever

Minu Cuore handcrafts exquisite jewelry pieces that immortalize cherished childhood memories, capturing the essence of a mother’s love for her children.

Timeless Treasures

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Cherished Memories

 Explore our portfolio and discover why Minu Cuore is unique and how we can turn your child’s artwork into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.


Our pieces have been created by a group of expert designers and goldsmiths, combining the latest technology with the ancient traditional techniques that characterize our Andean region under a process of maximum rigor. 


The gold and silver we use to create each of our pieces are world-renowned. It is no coincidence that Spanish conquerors spoke of “El Dorado” in the sixteenth century, referring to the people in the Andes, where the purest gold was central to civilization.


By purchasing a Minu Cuore, you support the economy of a significant group of families living in different territories of the Andes, and a portion of our sales will be dedicated to supporting the diagnosis and treatment of children who have epilepsy.


You submit your child's drawing or artwork to Minu Cuore.


Skilled professionals use the latest technology to transform your artwork.


Master goldsmiths then create the final piece, whether in silver or gold, with precision and care, combining traditional jewelry-making techniques.
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Our Story

I didn’t write Minu Cuore’s story myself. A few months ago, my daughter Elisa (“Eli”)…

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